Classes and challenges offered to our clients by our Endlessfitness personal trainers.


With BCPRA personal trailer – Kat Rosene

Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm

Are you doing the same routine over and over again? Is the scale not moving? Time to try something new….. Join Kat in this dynamic workout that involves active rest and fun new workout moves that will challenge your body!

Hope to see everyone there!! Personal training with our trainers is always available too, stop into the office or call us to find out more info:)

Some frequently asked questions about our classes are:

Q. Is this a competitive program?
A. No, the only competition is against yourself.

Q. I haven’t been working out for sometime or I haven’t been to gym very much. Is this for me?
A. YES! All fitness levels from beginner to advanced can participate, All you need is a positive attitude.